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Thoughts on what makes a home a home

September 18, 2019


thoughts on what makes a home

What makes a home? Does your home invite a particular feeling or mood? Maybe it provides comfort in the familiar, relief from the workday, chaos from the many toys to keep kids entertained, fondness from the memories displayed on the walls, or none of the above.

Does your home invite rest and relaxation? Or is it also a place of work? Does the word home bring back childhood references or does it mean the place where you list as your address for mail and packages? 

What I’ve learned from all my various homes

As someone who has just recently moved, ahem, eight times in the last decade.  It’s made me think about what a home is. I don’t like moving. It happens so much that you wouldn’t think so, but life happens to you when you’re making other plans. 

The one upside is that it forces you to look at what is essential to you. Did I use this enough to continue keeping it or would it be better served given to someone else?  As my values have shaped through more experience, so have the spaces I’ve been in. I’ve found that homes are an expression of who you are. Your beliefs, values, style, and functional day to day tasks.

I see it as a blank canvas. We fill the pantry with our experiences, heritage, and preferred tastes. Memories line the walls of photos and various items we’ve acquired of what’s become meaningful to us throughout our lives. It reminds us where we’ve come from and where we’ve been. We curate them carefully, deciding which pieces to display and what to tuck away.

thoughts on what makes a home a home

Home now

As a photographer, light, and aesthetics are important to me. So is my little furry guy. I’ve also come to learn home is where I identify with the people. A place where we share common values and perspectives on life.

We landed in a place with a wall of south-facing windows and close proximity to regional parks in Berkeley. It’s a happy place for a photographer and small dogs where we’re appreciative of all the natural light and beauty. I’m still in the process of arranging things we will use and, letting go of things that have served their purpose. 

Moving forward

I’ve thought long and hard about what this humble space on the internet could be. I’ve decided to just write things and take photos that mean something to me. They (ideally) will have a common thread of wellness. What wellness means as recovering burnt-out health professional, and what it looks like for me to take care of myself. 

Spoiler alert: It’s not the lastest self-care item for sale, but something that comes within. It’s taking the time to be a human, to enjoy the dolce far niente, Italian for the sweetness of doing nothing. It is to feel connected to yourself and the world around you. That is what makes me feel at home – connection to the place you are and knowing yourself. 


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